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Generac Generator Sales & Service

Are You Prepared For The Next Power Outage?

Whether it's a standby power system for a large data center, a generac backup generator powering the family home through an outage, portable generators powering tools at the job site, or the cleaning power of a pressure washer, Generac Generators meet the power needs of consumers and businesses alike. Across the country and around the world.

A permanently installed generac home or business generator protects your home automatically. It runs on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel, and sits outside just like a central air conditioning unit. A home Generack generator delivers power directly to your home’s electrical system, backing up your entire home or just the most essential items.

Complete Turn Key Stand-By Generator Installation

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Generac Generators for Home of Busines

Dependable power backup generator installation

Breighner Electrical Services - Standby backup emergency generac generator installation you can trust.
Residential and Commercial. Serving York PA, Hanover, Harrisburg, Glen Rock, Red Lion, Camp Hill,
Gettysburg, Lancaster,
Pennsylvania. Generac generator power systems.

Generac Generator Automatic Operation

Don't worry about having to be there to start and stop your Generac backup generator. Because it does that automatically. Whether you're home or away.

Refueling Not Necessary

Your Generac power generator runs on your existing natural gas or LP fuel supply. Save the gas cans for your other outdoor power equipment.

Power Directly to Your Home

You'll never have to run an extension cord through a window or door again. Your Generac home backup generator safely delivers power right to your home's electrical panel.

The #1 Selling Brand of Home Backup Generators

Generac created the home backup generator category. Today, our generators are preferred by 7 out of every 10 homeowners who invest in home backup power.

Home & Commercial Generac backup power.
Comfort. Security. Come what may.

Use our calculator to see what  size generatior installation you need.

Bad Weather Never Takes a Holiday

When there’s no electricity, usually all a service person can do is to tell the homeowner to wait or get temporary power before anything can be done. This may take several days, and a home without heat in wintertime can cause big problems – both financially and physically, not to mention all the stress involved!

So, just like winter heating issues, cooling issues during a heat wave can be just as bad to deal with. If you lose your air conditioning and/or refrigeration, things like trying to protect frozen foods and caring for your family (especially the elderly) need to be addressed as soon as possible.

The common thing with weather emergencies is that a Generac standby generator can help you get through a severe weather event, no matter what time of year. When you have electricity, you have control over your home’s heating and cooling systems.

Manual or Automatic backup generator finstallation for Winter or Summer outtages.

Generac Generator Installation Steps

1. Install electrical sub-panel with transfer switch beside the main    electrical panel.

2. Redirect critical circuits from main panel to sub-panel.

3. Prepare a level stone or concrete base for the generator.

4. Set generator on base.

5. Run underground lines to fuel source gas/diesel/supply tank.

6. Pull electrical cable from generator to house.

7. Fully test backup generator installation for load and switching.

Generac Generator

Commercial Generac Generator Installation

This is one of our commercial emergency backup generator installations at Wellspan York Hospital.

WellSpan York Hospital is the region's leader in advanced specialty care. What began in 1880 has become a 572-bed community teaching hospital that employs more than 3,400 people and serves a population of 520,000 in south central Pennsylvania.

Generac generator installations

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