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A good security system in a home or business can be a mean the difference between security and calamity. You can improve the security of your home or office using security system components that address your specific needs. Surveillance equipment, such as security cameras and recorders, can help you keep an eye on your property. Motion-detecting lights, infrared security cameras, advanced door locks and similar devices can increase the effectiveness of any security system.

We offer security camera systems that are intuitive and easy to use, provide quality video and years of service. Free site analysis and estimates.

The benefits of a professional CCTV video camera security system installation are:

Theft Protection Reduce theft both from within and from sources outside your company or home.
Deter vandals Deter or prosecute vandals, thieves, and other criminals by recording their actions.
Reduct insurance Can help lower insurance premiums.
Improve productivity Improve productivity.
Provide Peace of mind Provide peace of mind to management, business and home owners.
Monitor critical areas Monitor critical areas such as doorways, conveyors, inventory locations, parking lots and more.
Reduce losses Reduce and mitigate losses from fraudulent claims.

We offer a full range of video surveillance solutions and fire alarm systems from low cost for the small business, to high end enterprise level video surveillance systems with mega pixel cameras, integration, and more. We even install customer purchased bundled systems. Have you purchased your own Bundled video surveillance system from Costco, Sam's Club or BJ's? Well we will install it for you. You don't see the wires.

on site video camera systems for your home o r business

Wired Security Camera Systems:

Our professional, licensed technicians and electricians, are available to provide you with a complete wired security camera systems from 2 cameras to 50. Depending on your needs. Let one of our security camera experts inspect and analyze your coverage needs. IP networked at your location.

Indoor, outdoor, concealed, infrared for night vision and pan and tilt capabilities so you can track in real time by remote control.

We use DVR (digital video recorder) recording computer systems made by Dell.

Warehouse Surveillance Systems:

Warehouses and storage facilities are ideal candidates for video surveillance systems. Large facilities spread out over extensive complexes can be challenging to secure. With the help of a carefully placed security camera, warehouse owners and managers can focus on at-risk areas and minimize the threat of theft.

Complete CCTV video monitoring solution at your facility and or remotely.

DVR Camera system recording and monitoring:

Digital recording (DVR) and monitoring at the click of a mouse.

We furnish professional security camera software in association with a Digital Recorder.

We have been using Dell computers to provide quality and dependability.

We always use the latest technology so you can be assured of first class quality and service.

We use LUXON Video cameras.


Remotely monitor your store, warehouse or home

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